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You must be 18 years of age or older in order to enter and use this our chat site. FunChat is a whole new way to play while you stay in touch with friends. We have viet fun chat room alternative too. Free connect to fun chat room a brand new page for meet new people. Chat fun or chat for fun a new way of connecting people! These all are very free fun chats with a lot of online people you can talk... Snap chat fun alternative chatroom for you and your friends only...  Randomchat and webcamchat with chatcam options are included. Finally chatroulet in these chatting rooms are included.. Have a nice day or night. Bookmark us!

By entering the our chatrooms, you agree to the following terms and conditions: 1. Spamming and linking to competing sites is strictly prohibited. Such action will result in permanent banning from our chatrooms. 2. Vulgar language, disrespect, immaturity, threats, and libel are all strictly prohibited. Such action will result in permanent banning from our chatrooms. 3. Pretending to be a moderator in our chatrooms, an employee of these chatrooms, or an affiliate of here is strictly prohibited. Such action will result in permanent banning from here. 4. Do not post anything that could harm you in the future or cause you embarrassment. 5. If you have a complaint about another chatrooms member, please report it to admins in chat rooms. Arguing will only make yourself look worse. 6. Please do not post any personal information such as telephone numbers and addresses in the chatrooms. If you need to exchange information with another chartroom member, please do so in private. 7. The site administrator has the right to ban you (temporarily or permanently) if you fail to comply with any of the rules above. Please do not email us and complain if you are in violation of these rules and you are banned. If you felt that you were banned unjustly or without reason, please contact admin of desired chatroom. We hope you enjoy the FUNCHAT2000 chat rooms!
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